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In this compilation are 32 bands Melodic-Hardcore / Emotional-Hardcore from all over the world. All bands accepted to publish their songs in the compilation.


released September 25, 2014

Responsible for production: Jairo Puentes

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HeartBridge Monterrey, Mexico

Nosotros somos un Puente entre las bandas y la gente que le ama el Melodic-Hardcore
Abarcamos generos como Post-Rock, Pop Punk, Shoegaze, Screamo, Post-Hardcore Atmosférico, Spoken-Word

We are a bridge between the bands and the people who love the Melodic-Hardcore
We cover genres like Post-Rock, Pop Punk, Shoegaze, Screamo, Post-Hardcore Atmospheric, Spoken-Word
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Track Name: Dahlia - In Her Travels She Found Self Loathing..
Crumbs scattered on the napkin in a place a far, far away from home
She glances at her weathered time piece
but she's not bothered by the incessant ticking or the fact that her coffee is two sugars short and bitter to the taste.
Because just as the beans are ground up when her coffees made she's been crushed, torn to pieces with her chest caved in on it's old rusty hinges
And just as the farm fresh bread was baked her convictions have been set aflame transforming into something the common man can admire and lovingly taste after a few short words in a crowded city street
But how could she ever feel the same?
Her watch was still ticking but it wasn't the same time or place
And Her heart was still beating
But it was deadset on it's masochistic desires to focus on all the mistakes she made yesterday
And the word home was just some ridiculous passing phrase a distant memory of having that time having that place and not wanting to leave the love that slowly dimmed to ash like the old fire place on Christmas Day
As a child we never dream we will one day be far far away
Or that our hearts will bend strain and be pushed towards break
But it's the price of growing up into the people we always knew we'd be.
The ones that wondrously bloomed so precariously late.
Track Name: Heart Like Mountains - The Saddest Man Alive
You were my sunshine every morning
and my brightest star in the evening
keeping my heart bright
in the darkest of night
but things seems to change
I don’t think that I can love anymore
after all the heartaches that I’ve been through

I’ve been such in a depression
And suffered many times rejection
but I got used to it

Every time I close my eyes
my heart dies
I hold my breath for a while
And try to fake my smile

I don’t need air to survive
I just need love to be alive
The thought of living without you kills me
cause without you, life isn’t worth living

"To the girl I’ll always love,
It’s been a while since we last talked. It’s been two months now, to be exact. But who’s counting, right? I’m not sure why I’m writing you this letter when I know you’ll never actually read it but I guess I just want closure, you know? And I feel like this is it.
I miss you, that’s the first thing I need you to know. All those memories we made, they mean everything to me and it cuts vein-deep to know we’ll never make more of them… they had to mean something to you too, right?"

But even if we were to exchange a thousand letters,our hearts would not move even one centimeter closer together

They said
They said no one deserves to be alone, but I'm an exception
I'm an exception

I would rather hang myself in a rope
than continue living with this false hope

I think about you all the time
I just hope you're doing fine
Track Name: Castaway - Hurricane of '99
I felt my skin crack from being left out in the cold. The years made me feel so small, watching everyone grow up as I grew old. I felt my heart harden with the bark on the trees as everyone that I once loved slipped through my arms like a bitter winter breeze...a chilling reminder of who they are, and all that I could never be. Rushing through the hallways and turning ever corner, I hold my breath, close my eyes...waiting 'til it's over. Waiting for the storm to pass as I am stuck here in it's path...just when I think it's all blown over, I feel it in the air...it's coming back. And not a soul will make a sound as I twist in the wind and hit the ground. I remember when we all felt safe and sound, the days when the weather was something we never talked about. But now with every gust of wind and every ray of blinding sun, everybody comes and goes as I quietly become undone. But I won't hang my head when the sun goes down tonight. There's better places to put my faith and there's more out there for me to find. (I never thought I'd have to grow up like this...alone, living my life from behind a window. I never thought I'd have to live like this, trapped in these hallways of glares and blank faces.) I never thought I'd have to lose my best friend and be the one left in the cold when the storm begins. My heart is calloused and my skin is worn, but I'll never leave behind the one's who kept me warm.
Track Name: Far From Home - 30.11.06 (The Pain Of Reality)
And even though my eyes are closed...

I can still feel the pain of reality, that you arent going to be around,
Screaming this song wont change the past, but in my heart i can feel you,
(I hear the sound).
My heartbeat echoes every time I think about your face,
I think about misery, I think about disgrace.

Why is everything falling apart around me, will any kind of luck head my way?
Does it even come around at all? I ask myself these questions everyday.
My heartbeat echoes every time, I think about that day,
I think about my mistakes, I think about disgrace.

There's a long journey ahead, before I can dig out of this grave that I've made,
Please show me a sign, and tell me everything's going to be okay.
I'll embark upon this path made from the concrete of my past,
but the mist is blocking the way ahead but I'm afraid the ground wont last.
Crumbling beneath my feet, just like the walls of this, fucking grave that I made.
Its keeping me from moving forward, backwards is the only direction I'm climbing...
Progression is starting to fail, my heartbeat mirrors the steps I take, but I continue to tell this tale...


I will never know, where I should go, I will never know. I'm lost.
I will never know, where I should go, I will never know. I'm lost...
I'm lost... I'm Far From Home.
Track Name: Caminos - Olvido
De nuevo besando el suelo, sin poder arrepentirme
Quisiera esconderme en algún lugar, dime a los ojos que hice mal

No quiero ver como todo, se derrumba nuevamente
Mis recuerdos murieron con el olvido
Mis recuerdos murieron con el olvido

Libérame de esta miseria, recuérdame quien soy
Abrázame ya no me sueltes más que no puedo aguantar
O t r o s e g u n d o.

No quiero mirarme en el espejo y sentir que no soy yo
Odiándome, odiándote, queriendo desaparecer

Otro trago amargo más…. Y esta noche ya no duermo…
Track Name: VALLEY - Life's Storms
Gazing at a forest.
What will be the inside?
Wealth that is cherished by few, but abused by many.
Upon entering it, a huge amount of lush smells crawl into our nose.
A lot of extraordinary images meet our eyes.
What to say? Or to do?

Feeling the sunlight through the branches and leaves on your skin
Breathing the wind that strokes your hair
Touching wet earth full of hope
Well think of this when things go wrong.

Do not be fooled!
Don’t blame yourself!
Do not be fooled!
Don’t blame yourself!

Gather strength from life’s storms.
Challenge every insight you encounter.
Do not run away from your thoughts.
Challenge every insight you encounter.


Gather strength from life’s storms.
Challenge every insight you encounter.
Track Name: Adriana - Growth
Overtime, the hot sun sets,
and the darkening horizon brings forth a cold shift.
The resonance of that boy remains strong.
His voice echoes, shrilling at no-one
asking why nothing gets done.
He still screams inside.

Maybe all I yearn is a place of solace.
A luke warm bath of tedious self centered reflections,
a sanctuary to escape this stark frontier.
Somewhere I can go, and wallow in my own cancerous frame.
Self destructive I know,
but it provides a numb smooth relief from this pain.
Cynicism is my plague.
Still wishing I could change.

“I have this unbreakable bond with ideology and moral principle.
Too often arguing for the sake of argument,
not enough to better hardships or for philosophical discussion.
Forcing my notions of so called modesty and reason
onto my friends and loved ones, those I hold dearest.
The ones either too tender and kind to break my pride,
while all the time, masking the reality of my hypocrisy and shame,
as I try to peer beneath me, in search for others to blame.”

All this time, you were there by my side.
Guiding me, and holding my hand.
Accepting me, for the fool I am.
Adjusting yourself for the severity ahead.
I’m no-one, without you.
Track Name: Greaver - Lanterns
And you've hurt the most
Our parasite has outgrown it's wedded host
Endless silence mother are you sleeping?
Sinking into countless states of grieving
Bleeding into what we truly are?
Nothing more than dust from world's apart
I wonder how you sleep at night
With voices screaming your name
I wonder how the world appears
From a picture frame
Picture frame
Track Name: Lost Hope - Resiliencia
Espero que aún sordo de odio sigas escuchando a mi corazón y espero que aún ciego de rabia puedas verme en la distancia. Estira tu mano, cuando no haya nada ahí estaré. Estira tu mano, cuando no haya nada más. ¿Te diste cuenta? Todo lo que sentimos fue escrito alguna vez o un millón. ¿Notaste cómo se encienden mis ojos cuando recuerdo aquellos días? ¿Podré alguna vez detener tu caída antes de que llegues al suelo? Y me pregunto si no hay respuestas. Sé que es difícil confiar; sé que estuviste solo; sé que estás derrotado; sé lo que pesa el mundo; sé lo que pasa en tu cabeza y el dolor de tus heridas. Esta noche dejaré la puerta abierta, las luces encendidas. Llena el vaso hasta el borde y consigue una silla, yo limpiaré las cenizas. Y hablaremos de los días, las cosas, las tristezas, los hipócritas, el odio, los desamores, las traiciones y los abandonos, el abuso. Las palabras vacías de cada vez que caímos sin nadie para levantarnos. Hablaremos de todo y cuando ya no quede nada tendremos lo que somos.
Track Name: Illicit - HOME
'I hope I'm not alone, time after time.

The only moment, I found myself, was standing by your side.
I hope I find home, somewhere aside, but there's only so much I can find.

You left me here, for far too long, I rise my head to the shallow shore, give me the strength to rise up.

The choices I make, the mountains I climb, after I come this far what will I find? does it make me the better man, to leave the rest behind. Could you tell me what, what I would find?

*repeated chorus*

The people I see, the cities I roam, for tonight i'll find my way out.
A mothers love, it comes unknown. For the places I leave, my home will stay close.

My home will stay, stay close'
Track Name: Hours - The Hurt Will Be Lifted
There is war within your mind
There is war within your heart
Pain and suffering engulf your life
You need to escape
It's too much to carry all on one back
You will bend and break under the pressure
Take my hand and feel the release
The hurt will be lifted
And I will be with you
Don't look back at your wrong doings
Look forward to love and the rest of your life
Fight for something new
Fight for something better
Track Name: My Sleepless Youth - Letters & Promises
So hello to you my beloved, it's been a while since the last time that I saw your pretty face, that I heard your sweet voice.

Do you still think about the times were everything was much easier? All the things that we passed by...they are nothing compared to this.

How can we make it once again? Calm your head (calm your head).

So remember the time will pass while this clouds will run above us.

I'm right here, I'm here with you... I'm the one to follow. Take my hand and we could make it through... this is not the end.

With your hand in mine, now I know I have a chance to survive to this world.

And i'm not afraid to see how far these paths can arrive, how much these feelings can keep me alive, I'm not afraid anymore.

So remember the time will pass while this clouds will run above us.

It will pass, but I'll be here forever…

It will pass, it will pass...
Track Name: Ambrose - Wake
Fall back on these words
The things that were said when I was lost deep inside my head
The walls know nothing of any innocence
There's a certain cycle to failure
and even though I've been broken
I'm still trying to learn to forgive myself

I stopped being afraid of falling asleep when I realized if I didn't wake up i'd be at ease
I tend to bury my head

There'll be nothing but me
Left to sink in the concrete
There'll be nothing but me
Left to sink

Is there a comfort that I've yet to find?
Will there be solace when I close my eyes?
Consumed by a vacancy
Time won't heal anything

And I bare these burdens
I'm the one forgotten
Still I spend my nights wasting away
As I continue to remain awake
There's void that I can't sustain

And so I feel as if I've created a distance and begun to separate
My eyes have witnessed the colors turn to grey
Yet we still search for our place
A shelter, an escape
Someone to take away all the pain
Track Name: Faminehill - I'm Almost Happy Here
How can i even describe because nowadays it's hard to say That everything goes well In an ordenary way 'Cause still, there's a missing part That grinds my gears every day The absence of the one who gives And the absence of the one who takes Wounded by the arrow Oh, i wish i could be but Amor, my friend You always miss your target Even you're in front of me Spending years to fill it up To fill up the empty space I want to make something to make myself useful but they make me feel like a human waste The rooftop upon our home Keeps the water away from my head And even if i didn't get soaked I sill feel like i'm wet All over my body, and everything I wanna know how does it feel to be loved I wanna know how does it feel to be honored And i never gonna give up hope 'Cause that's what makes me who I am today Maybe it won't be tomorrow but i'm almsot happy here I'm almost happy here I almost found my place to stay I'm almost happy here but there will be always something
That i will always miss
Track Name: Breaking Distances - Lost Time
Torture me, make me see
My own mistakes
Scream to me, make me hear
Your gasping tone

Comfort me, with the wind
Carry your weight
One last time, close your eyes
Give me a chance to say

I’ve lost all hope in this living fiction
You’re waving me with indecision
Your life went astray, your heart set to drain
I won’t be there to relive this pain

What happened to the garden’s green?
Why do I only hear you scream?

Broken hearts don’t mend
With living reflections of what
You once where
Sad and alone, embracing what is left

What happened to all of our dreams?
We’re losing sight, stuck in between

Come save me now, don’t let me drown, now
Gasping for air, holding my hand
Taking me down, again.
You made me stay in love with you and me
You made me stay in love with this

Walking towards, the breaking distance
Let me go
Crashing towards the veil of mist I
See that you’re gone.
Track Name: Follow The Sunrise - Defeat
My heart is throwing away.
I`m just a man of nowhere.
I`ve got nothing to lose and no one to pray.
I`ve got a black-marked story.
My grief next to me.
I`m a man of defeat.
What`s left for me?
The battered road, forgotten haven.
I`ve been there a thousand times.
And no one find me. The land of regrets.
This life has passed by me.
But I still have some hope.
Сause I'm still breathing.
I'm still breathing.
No one`s around, time falls away in different ways.
No reason, I can not keep up all these days.
No one`s around, time falls away.
And there`s no reason to keep these days.
And I feel empty `cause there`s no one else.
I feel empty.
The battered road, forgotten haven.
I`ve been there a thousand times.
And no one find me. The land of regrets.
This life has passed by me.
Life has passed by me.
Do something, something for myself,
to carry me away, to bring me home
Do something, something to hold on.
To bring me home.
No one`s around, time falls away in different ways.
No reason, I can not keep up all these days.
No one`s around, time falls away.
And there`s no reason to keep these days.
Track Name: Lifestream - Reasons
Changing ourselves
Running away from the pain we caused
Yet i can’t bring myself to hate
We changed something in our lives
How could we let this happen
I will never find a reason
And I can’t even explain why
Why it happend to us
Late nights spent wondering
Trying to give love a meaning
But everything you do is wrong
I’ve been in this for far too long

Anyone needs to breathe sometimes
I’m just choking on your lies
And a part of me just died
But it’s just so hard
So hard to say goodbye

Maybe I’ll never find
A reason to be fine
To accept all this pain
Why do I have to feel like this
I hope that our future
Will reserve something right
Just to give a reason to all our fights

I hope you’ll be fine
Track Name: Abandoned Will - Promise
We are not alone

These are the darkest day's
searching and searching
wishing things could change
God take the pain
holding on to the past
I'm the one to blame
take the worry and all the shame
and show us theres freedom in your name

so breathe life
into these dry bones
and show us were not alone

Im at an all time low
These vicious cycles are really getting old
I'm spinning out of control
all I want is for you to breathe life into my soul
shine your light
because I'm losing my will to fight

in my darkest days and nights
this is what im told

You are not a mistake
You are not alone
you are not an outcast
You are fearfully and wonderfully made
in the image of the most high
If the weight is adding up
dont be afraid to let the tears fall from your eyes
I promise you there is a soverign God who hears our cries
Track Name: Honest Sleep - The Darkness Ahead Is Not What You Imagine
"Why is this happening to me?
What have I done to deserve such pain?"

The same questions he asks himself every day.
But nothing seems to change.

"I've hit my breaking point"
"I can't go on anymore"

"This is rock bottom"
he screams out

"Oh Dear God"
"Please take me away.
I am broken. Please just end this today"

He reaches for that rope
"this is it, I've lost all hope"

And now he's gone.
And I wish I could have said:

You are not alone. I know exactly how you feel
and trust me. This pain will heal.

You are strong. You can fight through this.
Track Name: The Hail - Collapse
My friend our world collapsed
And all we know is falling away from me
It's different from the past
How can I make it last forever in me?

Cause I'm breaking away from all that you say
Oh my friend

How could I want more?
Everynight my thoughts won't leave me alone
On my own
But you're not close enough to me
You're closing up the door
You step away, I'm not the one you're looking for
Leave me alone
You will find more hope behind that door

I feel so far away
You're not the person that I knew back then
Do you remember when we made a pact
When everything would change we'd always stay the same

Cause I'm breaking away from all that you say
Oh my friend

How could I want more?
Everynight my thoughts won't leave me alone
On my own
But you're not close enough to me
You're closing up the door
You step away, I'm not the one you're looking for
Leave me alone
You will find more hope behind that door

More fire, more feeling, more stars than what I'm seeing
More hope, more passion, more words I can believe in